Rheinmetall TAC-Ray Series

Laser class: 3B
Laser Rangefinder options: 1,500m, 2000m, or 2500m effective range
Standard effectors: visual target marker (red), IR target marker, IR illuminator
Optional effectors: visual target marker (green), SWIR target marker, DSID laser
Availability: Canadian Military, Defence & Law Enforcement Only

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The newest enhancement of Rheinmetall’s Vario-Ray LLM, the TAC-Ray series boasts the full functionality of the VarioRay and adds an integrated Laser Rangefinder and laser module effectors suited for target acquisition.
Designed to help snipers and marksmen hit their targets even more accurately while enabling section leaders to direct their soldiers’ fire more precisely, the unit’s laser rangefinder combined with red or green laser target marker, infrared target marker and electronically focusable IR illuminator produce a compact, lightweight product.

Datasheet TAC-Ray Series

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 125 x 34 x 77 mm

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