GSCI TIG-7-MOD Thermal Imaging Goggles

Optical magnification: 1X
Objective lens focal length: 25mm
Digital Magnification: 2X, 4X
OLED Display Size: 800×600
Availability: Canadian Military, Defence & Law Enforcement Only

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GSCI’s TIG-7-MOD is the newest thermal imaging binocular-goggle system. A strategically placed full-size tactile keypad, hard-anodized aluminum body, and re-engineered optics takes the MOD model to the next level. Compared to the original TIG-7, the MOD is 14% lighter and 23% more compact. Its unbeatable real-life performance is complemented by best-in-class battery life. As always, fully waterproof design, precisely machined body and outstanding build quality are standard features.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 112 x 138 x 55 mm

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