GSCI TIB-5000 MOD Series Thermal Binoculars

Available Ranges: TIB-5050 MOD, TIB-5075 MOD, TIB-5100 MOD
Availability: Canadian Military, Defence & Law Enforcement Only

See TIB-5000 MOD Series Data Sheets for detailed model specifications

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The TIB-5000 MOD series is GSCI’s newest generation of modified and modernized long-range thermal binoculars. The series features a more ergonomic design, industry-unique features and unparalleled performance.

GSCI’s range of high-end thermal imaging bi-oculars is comprised of TIB 5050, 5075, and 5100 models for medium, medium/long and long range. With a total of 12 configurations, each lightweight, hard-wearing unit offers intuitive controls, clear focus, and high resolution for an unmatched ease of use. The TIB MOD series ensures that any operator will find a unit that is suitable to his/her observational application.

Data Sheet GSCI TIB-5050 MOD

Data Sheet GSCI TIB-5075 MOD

Data Sheet GSCI TIB-5100 MOD

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Weight 830-1124 g
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