GSCI CTS-200 Series Thermal Imaging Scopes

Available Models: CTS-220 / CTS-230 / CTS-250 / CTS-275 / CTS-275xl
Spectral Response: 8-12um
F.P.A Format: 25um or 17um
Availability: Canadian Military, Defence & Law Enforcement Only

See CTS-200 Series Data Sheet for detailed model specifications

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GSCI’s series of clip-on thermal scopes are designed for short- to medium-range engagements. The quick-release weapon mount attaches to and detaches from standard Picatinny rails in front of daytime scopes, and the built-in digital collimator allows for deployment on multiple weapon platforms. The series’ multiple weapon applications and handheld capability make it a truly unique device. The CTS-200 is available in 10 different configurations based on front objective lens size (focal length and f-number) and FPA resolution. See data sheet for the full range.

Data Sheet GSCI CTS-200 Series

Additional information

Weight 470-1080 g
Dimensions 120-240 x 90 x 90 mm


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