The drone threat is real.  Potential adversaries all over the world are adopting this easy-to-use and readily available technology for surveillance, electronic warfare, targeting, and kinetic attacks.  Develop an effective counter-UAS solution with cutting-edge technology that can detect and defeat the most challenging drone threats.  Secure your airspace with Twenty20 Insight. 

Countering the Drone Threat

An effective counter-UAS system will provide you with a completely reliable UAS detection capability that gives as much early warning as possible, classifies and localizes the drone threat, and cues your drone mitigation assets.  Any counter-UAS solution must be able to detect and defeat the threat of autonomous drone swarms.

Drone Detection

A layered approach is necessary to find and identify all UAS threats in your airspace.  Twenty20 Insight offers cutting-edge radar, radio frequency detection, thermal detection, acoustic detection and optical detection systems that can be integrated to provide an optimized, customized and completely effective C-UAS solution.

Drone Defeat

Small UAS are hard to defeat.  Drones are small and fast-moving, giving you limited time to detect them, decide your course of action and effectively engage.  Autonomous drones are not affected by jammers or spoofing systems. Facing multiple drones at once could overwhelm your defence mechanisms.  Incoming UAS may have a dangerous payload that limits your engagement options.  Talk to Twenty20 Insight – we have solutions for kinetic and non-kinetic drone defeat systems.