Thermal imagers use the infrared spectrum to quickly detect targets that would otherwise remain hidden to the naked eye. A scene’s thermal information provides operators with a much more thorough understanding of their surroundings, day or night. In extremely low light, night vision systems become useless without illumination. Not so with thermal imagers – there is always a thermal picture available. Talk to us.  We’ll get you the right kit for your requirements.

Monocular Thermal Imagers

Lightweight, rugged and pocket sized, our thermal monoculars can be helmet mounted or simply stashed in your pocket and used handheld.  They take photos and video that can be easily exported.  Want a demo? Talk to us.

Clip-on Thermal Imagers

Your day optics are perfectly zeroed.  Now you need help detecting hard-to-find targets.  A clip-on thermal imager provides shooters with long-range target detection capability by day or by night.  Mounted on a mil-spec rail in front of your day optic, these thermal imagers work seamlessly with your day optic.

Thermal Imager Weapon Sights

With a choice of integrated electronic reticles, a thermal weapon sight provides a very effective day and night platform while minimizing the weight of the rifle system.  It also can easily take photos and videos of your shots, or be taken off the rifle and used as a handheld thermal imager.

Thermal Imaging Surveillance Systems

Handheld thermal multi-function systems are essential for surveillance missions.  Designed for longer observation tasks, they can be tripod mounted, come with image stabilization and can be configured to wirelessly stream photos and video.  The wide field-of-view thermal channel allows quick detection of your targets by day or at night.  Combined with integrated GPS and laser rangefinder, our surveillance systems can accurately geo-locate the targets and digitally transmit this information to whoever needs it quick.