Find them before they find you.  Your security comes from knowing where the threats are.  Twenty20 Insight offers integrated target acquisition solutions that allow operators to quickly find and accurately locate these threats.  Talk to us.  We’ll get you on target.

Handheld Targeting Devices

Our lightweight systems combine laser rangefinders, day optics, and a thermal imager with GPS and a laser pointer. Find the target by day or by night and send its precise coordinates along with photos and videos to your team.

Precision Targeting Devices

Need the most accurate target data possible? Rely on us.  Our rugged and lightweight true north finding gyroscope provides unmatched azimuth accuracy, giving CAT 1 coordinates at 1.3 km.  It works in GPS-denied and magnetically challenging environments.  It also seamlessly integrates with a variety of handheld targeting devices to provide a complete targeting package that will not break your back getting into position.

Acoustic Target Localization

Sometimes you can’t see your target – this doesn’t mean you can’t detect and localize it.  Acoustic vector sensors can detect gun shots, rocket, mortar and artillery points of origin and impact, drones, helicopters etc.  If it makes a noise, we can find it.  Ground, vehicle or UAV mounted, these versatile, passive, non-emitting sensors are invaluable in almost every tactical situation, from forward operating base security to convoy protection.

Infrared Detection Systems

Radar is an indispensable target detection tool on the battlefield.  The challenge? Turning it on broadcasts your location, letting the enemy know where you are.  Our non-emitting thermal “radars” provide a continuous 360º infrared picture of the surrounding area.  Their software detects changes in the surrounding thermal signature and alerts the user to the targets it detects.  Use it to detect dismounted intruders, vehicles, boats, aircraft and drones.