Target Acquisition Solutions

High-res Target Acquisition Solutions

Find them before they find you.  Your security comes from knowing where the threats are.  Twenty20 Insight offers integrated target acquisition solutions that allow operators to quickly find and accurately locate these threats.  Talk to us.  We’ll get you on target.

photo027Handheld Multi-Functional Systems

Our multi-functional  target acquisition systems are the Swiss Army knives of the optronics world. With day optics, thermal or night vision, a laser rangefinder, integrated GPS, and photo and video taking capability, these rugged, reliable devices combine everything you need to find and target your enemy into one low-weight portable device.


Remote Surveillance Systems

When you need to watch several threat areas at once, trust your security to our remote surveillance systems.  Combining day and thermal cameras, seismic sensors, tactical radar, GPS and sophisticated software, these high-tech devices will keep an eye on the areas you can’t and give you accurate locations of detected threats.  Easily networked, this target data can be shared with other systems to get you on target quickly.


Find targets with Acoustic Sensors

If your target makes a sound, find it with our acoustic sensors.  These intelligent and versatile sensors are programmed to provide fast and accurate threat detection capability.  From gun shots to artillery and mortars, UAVs to maritime threats, all of these acoustic events can be detected at long range.  Easily networked and shared, this targeting data can automatically direct other observation systems to the threat area.  Yes, these systems can be vehicle and UAV mounted.

Twenty20 Insight. On Target.

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