Tactical Shooting Solutions

High-res tactical shooting Solutions

That first shot needs to be on target.  Your team depends on it.  Twenty20 Insight offers high-performance tactical shooting solutions that will put that round where you want it at any range on any platform.  Talk to us.  We’ll get you on target.

image12Laser Rangefinders

Hitting a target at long distance requires accurate range data.  The physics are simple.  You get the range wrong and you’ll miss, putting yourself and your team in harm’s way.  Our LRFs set the world standard in performance.  They will give you reliable, accurate range data on small targets at long distances in marginal conditions.  Why settle for an inferior product?


High-Performance Optics

Good glass will get your rounds on target.  Great glass will get your rounds on target faster – in all conditions.  We offer the best glass in top-end optics for all shooters, from rifle scopes to machine gun optics to red dot reflex sights.  You operate in a tough environment that needs tough equipment.  That’s why we only offer the most rugged optics on the market.  They are just as tough as you.  Well, almost.


Shooting Systems and Accessories

Need a customized shooting solution?  We will put together an integrated shooting system for you where all of your equipment works quickly and seamlessly together – making sure your rounds hit home before theirs do.  When failure is not an option, talk to us.

Twenty20 Insight. On Target.