Systems Integration Solutions

High-res Global Equipment Sourcing Solutions

Do you want world-leading modules to integrate seamlessly into your equipment?  Do you want to add new capability to your older device?  Do you want to make your new gear work effortlessly with your older gear?  Do you have a unique equipment problem that is in need of a solution?  Talk to us.

image 1OEM Solutions

Those who serve on the front line only have the best possible equipment because of the unrelenting efforts of the defence and security industry.  We work with industry to provide them with the best possible modules for ease of integration into their systems.  Looking for modules that work with your equipment right out of the box?  Talk to us.


System Upgrades and Integration

Our systems are built to last a generation.  Sure, technology moves ahead at lightening speed, but that doesn’t mean your old equipment needs to be junked.  We offer a full range of system upgrade services that can refurbish your older systems and incorporate new technology, making your users all that much more capable on operations.  Or, if you need to make your new equipment work seamlessly with your older system, talk to us.  We can do that too.


Custom Design and Prototyping

We love nothing better than solving problems for operators.  If you have a unique problem, then we can provide you a unique solution.  With experienced designers, a rapid prototyping facility and a network of manufacturers experienced in precision and high-tolerance work, we are pretty sure we can solve your problem.  Talk to us.

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