Night Vision and Thermal Solutions

High-res Night VisionSolutions

Operating at night is challenging and low resolution gear doesn’t help.  Key to mission success is being able to find your targets before they find you.  Top-performing technology will give you every possible advantage in the dark.  Become a nighttime predator.  Talk to us.  Get on target, at night.

image12Night Vision Solutions

Success at night requires the best possible image intensification technology to provide you a clear image at long ranges in all light conditions.  All of the top-end night vision gear is strictly export controlled.  We work with top-quality suppliers from around the world to ensure that you get the most up-to-date technology that is available on the market to suit your needs.


Thermal Imaging Solutions

Even with the best I² night vision technology, sometimes it is hard to find threats that don’t want to be found.  Thermal imagers make identifying potential targets that much easier by clearly identifying heat sources in your surveillance area.  We offer a full range of thermal imagers to suit all your needs, from uncooled pocket-sized hand held devices to cooled long range high resolution products.


Mission-oriented I² and Thermal Systems

Whether helmet-mounted or handheld, monocular or binocular, clip-on or weapon-mounted, we can provide I² and thermal imagers to suit your mission.

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