Drone Defence Solutions

High-res tactical shooting Solutions

The drone industry is booming, and new UAV technology is being developed at breakneck speed. Develop an effective counter-drone solution with cutting-edge technology that detects and defeats. Secure your airspace with Twenty20 Insight.

image12How many drones are in your airspace?

Critical infrastructure. Data centres. Airports. Prisons. Stadiums. Don’t give drones the upper hand. If your security is limited to ground-level threats, your airspace is vulnerable to corporate espionage, smuggling, terrorism, surveillance, hacking, and vandalism. Get on target with our drone defence today.


Drone Detection

Do you have unwanted drone activity in your airspace? Find them.
We provide the ultimate toolbox for drone detection and localization. With a cutting-edge combination of thermal, radar, radio frequency, acoustic, and optical sensors, Twenty20 Insight has the solutions to detect even the most elusive drone threats.


Drone Defeat

Find countermeasures that work together to neutralize unwanted UAVs. Jammers, spoofers, hackers, sonic neutralizers, destroyers, snaggers – we have what it takes to stop drones in their tracks. Find the solution that works best for your unique requirements.

Twenty20 Insight. On Target.

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