High-res tactical shooting Solutions

At Twenty20 Insight, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for providing smart soldier solutions.  We provide all the services you need to maximize performance.  Need something that isn’t listed? Challenge us. We will outperform your expectations.


Foreign Sales

Selling security products loaded with high technology around the world is not easy.  There are innumerable regulations in place to ensure that the world’s best equipment ends up only in the hands of those we want using it.  We are highly experienced and can navigate the complex laws that regulate the international trade in defence goods.  Twenty20 Insight wants to ensure that every sale is 100% compliant with all regulations, and, of course, make sure the goods stay in the hands of the good guys.



You only get the best possible performance out of your equipment if you know how to use it properly. Twenty20 Insight offers customized training packages taught by expert instructors with lots of operational experience under their belts.  We will teach your operators how to achieve the maximum possible results from your gear.  We’ll come to you – no matter where you are in the world.


Custom Design and Prototyping

We love nothing better than solving problems for operators.  If you have a unique problem, then we can provide you a unique solution.  With experienced designers, a rapid prototyping facility and a network of manufacturers experienced in precision and high-tolerance work, we are pretty sure we can solve your problem.  Talk to us.