Defeat the enemy before they defeat you.  Your mission and your survival depends on getting that first shot on target – not always an easy task on a two-way live fire range.  Twenty20 Insight offers some of the best fire control systems for dismounted soldiers.  Talk to us.  We’ll get you on target.

For Assault Rifles

Most soldiers cannot hit moving targets by day, let alone by night.  Every single one of your rounds will hit stationary and moving targets by day and by night when you use the SMASH fire control system for your assault rifle.  Be invincible.  Talk to us at Twenty20 Insight.

For 40mm Grenade Launchers

You have carried those grenades for many long kilometres.  Now that you need them, don’t waste them by guessing the range and your angle of shot.  Hit the target with your first round with 40mm fire control systems from Rheinmetall.

For Machine Guns

Why walk your rounds into the target area? It wastes ammo and gives time for the enemy to shoot back. Suppress the target with your first burst.
Get the range, dial it in and then engage effectively. The troops you are supporting will appreciate it.

For the 84mm Carl Gustav

The Carl Gustav is the dismounted soldier’s best choice to deal with an armoured threat. Hitting a moving tank at the maximum effective range of your ammo is impossible without a fire control system.
Increase your hit rate from 33% at 300m to 90% at 600m. Make those tanks think twice before messing with your defensive position.

For the 60 and 81mm Mortar

Need to get mortar rounds downrange fast?  Using sensors that link to a laser rangefinder, we’ll have your first mortar rounds hitting the target within seconds.  And the best part is that you can hide behind cover while suppressing the threat.